Transforming hazardous waste into things of value.

No mud.
No lotus.

We aspire to be more than just a waste management company and we see ourselves as unscripted, curious and unstoppable.


We believe in creating communities and want to be the force behind an extraordinary collective awakening that changes global attitudes toward waste, recycling and accountability.

Our mission is to leverage our technology, raise social awareness and responsibility, and address global issues ranging from waste management, food and water security, healthcare, climate change and renewable energy.

It’s time to take ownership and to implement the changes that we need to not only succeed, but to thrive.


Unfortunately, many parts of our industry are outmoded, and they rely too heavily on burying or exporting waste. This often has a dehumanising effect on those impacted by these practices. Our approach is unscripted. We want to change the rules for the better by providing a smarter alternative to landfilling – we can’t afford to simply discard our waste and leave the problem for future generations.
We provide the solutions for the future now.


Our team consists of scientists, engineers, pioneers and innovators leveraging a creative mindset to treat hazardous wastes few others tackle. We destroy contaminants forever.

Our proprietary pyrolysis process, which is fueled by the energy trapped in the contaminants, ultimately turns waste to energy. We also repurpose other people’s waste into construction products to strengthen a circular economy.


We see ourselves as a critical part of Australia’s waste management infrastructure and we are privileged to be given an opportunity to play a major role in protecting Australia’s most valuable resources. We love learning and collaborating with passionate people to solve some of the biggest issues of our generation.


Our carefully curated sustainable platform empowers you to step up your social responsibility, so that you can demonstrate your level of concern with real actions that make a difference.

Our Partners

We guarantee our work and make lasting friendships along the way.