Transforming hazardous waste into things of value.

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Transforming hazardous wastes into things of value.

We’ve built a sustainable platform from scratch on cutting-edge technology to transform hazardous wastes into energy and construction products.

Our platform helps you demonstrate your level of support for a circular economy and step up your social responsibility through action.

We focus on treating problematic wastes from all over Australia and have ambitions of expanding beyond our borders and helping our neighbours too. We are treating contaminated soil, solids, sludges and liquids and are always on the lookout for new opportunities to make a lasting impact.

We’re using creativity, passion and innovation to make a difference.

Our next generation technology doesn’t only treat hazardous wastes, it is highly energy efficient and powered by the contamination itself.

We pride ourselves on our ‘not afraid to fail’ attitude, and coupled with our creativity and passion for innovation, we have developed unique solutions to transform hazardous wastes into construction products.

Size and scale matter, and we’re all about convenience.

Our large warehouse helps us accommodate small and large remediation projects with ease. We can manage multiple projects at once. We have full pre-treatment and sorting capability at your disposal and will match our opening times with your needs.

Our truck turnaround times are fast, which means you are fast.

Scientists and industry are behind us, and so is EPA Victoria.

We have been told that our treated material is inert and has fantastic geotechnical properties for various commercial and industrial uses. Talk to us about your requirements for recycled aggregate and support a circular economy.

We are licensed by EPA Victoria.

Most importantly,
we love what we do.

We guarantee our work and make lasting friendships along the way.

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We believe in change.
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