Transforming hazardous waste into things of value.

All waste are equal, but some waste are more equal than others.

Our detox program is effective and trusted.

What we treat

What can’t we treat? Thanks to the cutting edge processes in our facility, you don’t need to sort, screen and separate your waste. All you have to do is show up and we will take care of the rest… the more toxic, the better.

Contaminated soil

Masonry, timber, rubble, concrete, steel

Solid industrial waste

Liquid waste

Sludge and oils

Activated carbon

Filter cake

Non-destructive drilling muds

PFAS concentrate and wash waters

Key contaminants we love to destroy

Don’t see your particular contaminant listed? We have seen it all. Simply contact us and tell us about your toxic relationship and we’ll let you know if we treat it or not (we probably do!).

Organic contaminants










Other toxic organics with a boiling point below 600C.

Dioxins and furans

Herbicides and pesticides


Not a problem


Absolutely, we can’t get enough of it and we were one of the first to safely treat this contaminant.

Support a Circular Economy by using our recycled aggregate products

Confirmed by experts, our treated material is inert, has sound geotechnical properties and can be used in various building and construction applications

Talk to us about your requirements for recycled material