Transforming hazardous waste into things of value.

Our Facility

Our greatest source of pride.

Purpose-built, cutting edge & EPA approved

Our facility was developed using advanced engineering and cutting-edge scientific principles… all together with out-of-the-box thinking. Good design, energy efficiency, supporting a circular economy and robust safety controls were all priorities of ours.

Our approach to waste management is rooted in creativity and we also take our job extremely seriously. Our facility has gone through extensive reviews and assessments by EPA Victoria and others and has been deemed to reflect world’s best practices in hazardous waste management.

Packed with innovation

Our commitment to quality and innovation has helped us earn a place on the supplier list of many Fortune 500 companies.

Thanks to the sheer size and functionality of our warehouse, we can easily accommodate a range of soil remediation projects – small and large alike.

Our waste to energy process stands alone as one of the most innovative waste remediation solutions in the industry today.

Designed and developed by expert minds

We’ve teamed up with some of the brightest minds of the century to develop our technology.

We wanted to make sure that our treated material can be beneficially reused by industry.

Our purpose is
crystal clear

We do not own any landfills, which allows us to simply focus on transforming waste into things of value and helping you make a difference.

It’s time to
reimagine waste